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Detach Magnesium Oil Spray

Detach Magnesium Oil Spray

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Detach Magnesium oil spray is infused with jojoba oil and used for relieving stress and anxiety. It promotes a restful sleep, relieves muscle spasms, growing pains, headaches and migraines. Works well for all aches and joint pains by relaxing the muscles and reducing the soreness. We have chosen to combine the benefits of magnesium absorption with organic jojoba oil because it is the closest carrier oil to or own skins natural oil with its own wide range of applications including antioxidant, anti-acne, anti-psoriasis, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and anti-hyperglycemia activities. 


Apply 2 to 4 sprays on desired area and rub in. Apply to your chest and pulse points (e.g. on the inside of the wrists) in the morning. To help keep your stress levels down, rub into the tops of your feet and backs of the legs before bed. The best place to absorb magnesium into your body is actually under the arms, straight into the lymphatic system.

•When first using, it may have slight tingle. It will subside shortly or feel free to wipe off and apply moisturizer then re-apply. 


Detach Magnesium Oil Spray is handcrafted with pure Zechstein Magnesium Chloride, Distilled Water and Organic cold pressed unrefined Non-GMO Jojoba oil. Hand poured to ensure the finest quality.

Legal Disclaimer:

Any statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA and any information or products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or illness. Please consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or using this or any transdermal magnesium oil spray, lotion, or flakes.

This product is sourced in the United States

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Magnesium spray=AMAZING SLEEP FOR ME!!

I wanted to say I gave this product a full month before reviewing it so I could give an honest opinion. I shower each evening before bed and I use the spray on my feet each night! After one week , I was sleeping soundly, for the first time in years!! I can’t believe how one simple product has changed my life! Thank you so much for taking a leap of faith and I hope you keep on going because your products are changing lives for the better!❤️

Sleep better

I have noticed I’m sleeping better and the best is no more headaches.

Magnesium oil

I have dealt with excessive insomnia for years. I've been on ambient. I've tried cannabis each has their own side effects. I had heard about magnesium oil on your feet.. so trusting fedup products. I thought I'd give this a try. It's only been two nights but I've slept like a baby. I can't believe this. It is amazing. Thank you fed up gear..

Monica Napier
Detach Magnesium Oil Spray

Absolutely love this Magnesium Oil Spray! It helps me and my family get great, deep sleep. Headaches and migraines dont stand a chance while using this. I love the little boost of energy in the day but when I use it at night it just feel so calm and relaxed and sleep very hard.
We Definitely will keep this stocked as we have seen so many benifits.


You won’t be sorry. Tried this spray and I have no more headaches, more energy and I sleep better. Another amazing product to add to your list. My whole family is now using it and will as long as the product is offered.